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  • ALPHA® HRL3 Solid Solder

    A low temperature lead-free alloy designed to exhibit improved thermomechanical reliability and soldering performance versus existing low temperature alloys in the market.

    • Low temperature enabling in selective and dip soldering processes.
    • Provides efficiencies in energy savings and reduces thermal damage.
    • Comparable hole fill performance and solder joint strength vs SAC305.
    • Low Copper erosion vs SAC305.
  • ALPHA® Vaculoy® SAC305, 387, 405 Solid Solder

    High Silver, Lead-Free Alloys for Wave and Selective Soldering

    • Best-in-class yield, out performing all Sn/Cu based materials
    • Fast wetting providing excellent solderability
    • Lower levels of bridging compared to Sn/Cu alloys
    • Delivers excellent performance across a wide range of flux technologies
    • High mechanical reliability
  • ALPHA® SACX® Plus 0807

    A low silver lead-free alloy specially designed with proprietary additives to deliver SAC305 like soldering and reliability performance

    • SAC305-like performance
    • Fast wetting and wide process window
    • Strong, ductile joint for high mechanical reliability
    • Lower material costs vs SAC305 
    • Low dross rate
    • Low copper dissolution
  • ALPHA® SACX® Plus 0307

    Low Silver, Lead-Free Alloy for Wave, Selective and Rework Applications

    • Low Silver for lower material cost
    • Low dross rate
    • Low copper dissolution
    • Excellent mechanical reliability
    • Fast wetting and wide process window
  • ALPHA® SnCX® Plus 07

    Silver Free Lead Free Alloy for Wave, Selective and Rework Applications

    • Reliability - comparable to silver bearing alloys and other enhanced alloys in thermal fatigue resistance and joint strength
    • Lowers total cost of ownership due to lower material cost, high yields, and wide process window
    • Excellent wetting performance and low defect rate
    • Lowest-in-class dross generation
    • Delivers good performance across different soldering processes

    Lead-Free Hot Air Solder Level Alloy

    • Lowers total cost of ownership due to lower material cost, high yields and low copper dissolution rate
    • Excellent solderability due to fast wetting speed, improves hole fill on multiple reflow boards
    • Compatible with all assembly SAC based alloys
    • Excellent shelf life
  • ALPHA® Vaculoy® Solid Solder

    Pure low dross high fluidity solder alloy

    Proprietary processing prior to casting provides the following benefits:

    • Removal of finely divided suspended oxides that are found in raw materials
    • Increase in fluidity resulting in fewer soldering defects
    • Reduced drossing rate provides a wave that stays cleaner, longer
  • ALPHA® HiFlo® Solid Solder

    High fluidity SnPb37 bar solder with low drossing characteristics

    • Increases production speed and yield
    • Reduces icicling and bridging
    • Reduces production costs
    • Solders at lower temperatures
    • Minimal dross formation
  • ALPHA® HiFlo® SMG Solid Solder

    ALPHA HiFlo SMG Sn63Pb37 solder is alloyed using our proprietary Vaculoy process utilizing materials of the lowest impurity levels available.

    • Increases Production Speed
    • Minimizes Drossing
    • Reduces Bridging
    • Solders Densely Populated Boards
    • Solders at a Lower Temperature
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