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  • ALPHA® OM-565 HRL3 Solder Paste

    ALPHA OM-565 is a zero-halogen, low temperature flux chemistry, developed specifically for the HRL3 alloy to enable target peak reflow of 175 °C for minimized warpage induced defects and enhanced product reliability compared to existing low temperature solutions.

    • Compatibility with HRL3 alloy for enhanced thermomechanical and drop shock reliability.
    • The HRL3 alloy enables peak reflow temperature of 175 °C to mitigate warpage induced defects. 
    • Low melt point reflow improves energy efficiency and reduces energy costs in the assembly process. 
    • Superior HiP/NWO performance.
    • Compatibility with contact rework applications.
    • 8-hour stencil life in ambient and elevated conditions.
  • ALPHA® CVP-390V Solder Paste

    A lead-free, no-clean solder paste designed to maximize flexibility in manufacturing and provide superior electrochemical reliability in the most challenging applications.

    • Exceptional pin testability to ensure first pass yields
    • Superior electrochemical performance on fine pitched components to ensure reliability on complex PCB assemblies 
    • Excellent coalescence down to 170 µm apertures on high density assemblies
    • Compatible with SAC305 & Innolot high reliability alloys
  • ALPHA® OM-353 Solder Paste

    Lead-free, zero-halogen solder paste designed for broad latitude, high reliability applications, requiring process flexibility and residue containment.

    • Broad latitude paste with wide print process window on fine aperature sizes
    • Excellent electrochemical reliability on fine pitched components in harsh operating conditions
    • Superior post reflow residue containment
    • Compatible with industry leading Innolot high reliability solder alloy
    • Excellent HiP performance
  • ALPHA® OM-372 Solder Paste

    ALPHA OM-372 is designed for superior performance on assemblies with ultra-fine pitch components requiring excellent stencil transfer efficiency and high electrical reliability.

    • Best-in-class electrochemical reliability on fine pitched low standoff packages
    • Ultra-fine feature printing & reflow capability down to 008004 components
    • Minimum post reflow residue provides high reliability performance for fine pitch, high density designs
    • Excellent HiP/NWO Performance
    • No-clean, zero-halogen
  • ALPHA® OM-358 Solder Paste

    A lead-free, no-clean solder paste offering best-in-class voiding performance on large area components with controlled void distribution for increased process stability.

    • ≤10% voiding on large area bottom terminated components
    • Controlled void distribution for enhanced process stability to minimize rework
    • Available in T4 powder for Pb-free applications with both Innolot high reliability alloy & SAC305
    • Excellent electrochemical reliability on bottom terminated components
  • Kester® NP505-HR Solder Paste

    Kester NP505-HR is a zero-halogen, lead-free, no-clean solder paste formula that offers flexibility across a broad range of print and reflow conditions.

    • No-clean, zero-halogen
    • Electrically reliable residue in challenging conditions
    • Consistent print performance to 0.55AR (SAC305) and 0.57AR (Innolot) 
    • Excellent solderability across soak and ramp profiles
    • Stable paste properties with long shelf life
  • ALPHA® OM-550 Solder Paste

    ALPHA OM-550 is a zero halogen, low temperature chemistry paired with the HRL1 alloy designed to offer improved drop shock and thermal cycling performance versus existing low temperature alloys.

    • Low reflow peak temperature of 185 to 195 °C for mixed alloy process
    • Compatible with HRL1 alloy for comparable mechanical performance to SAC305 in the right application
    • Reduction of warpage induced defects compared to SAC reflow process
    • Excellent NWO & HiP Performance
    • Fine Feature Printing/Reflow capable
  • ALPHA® CVP-520 Solder Paste

    ALPHA CVP-520 enables low temperature SMT assembly technology to minimize rework in multiple reflow applications.

    • Eliminates 2nd or 3rd reflow cycle when temperature sensitive components are used
    • Low temperature alloys reduce energy consumption in reflow ovens versus standard lead free alloys
    • 8-Hour stencil life
    • Lower reflow profiles enables the use of low Tg substrates
    • Compatible with either nitrogen or air reflow
  • ALPHA® WS-826 Solder Paste

    ALPHA WS-826 is a zero-halogen, lead-free, water-soluble solder paste formulated for fine features and exhibits excellent stencil life in ambient and elevated conditions.

    • 8-hour stencil life at ambient and elevated environmental conditions up to 30C/70% RH
    • Highly cleanable with Batch and Inline aqueous systems
    • Wide print and reflow process window
    • Reflowable in air and nitrogen conditions
    • Available in SAC 305 Type 5 powder size for fine feature applications
  • ALPHA® WS-820 Solder Paste

    ALPHA WS-820, a lead free, halide free, water soluble solder paste, offering the ideal combination of printability and flexibility in reflow profile window with excellent cleanability.

    • Excellent print volume repeatability down to 12 mil (0.3mm) 
    • Flexibility across straight ramp or soak reflow profiles in air
    • Excellent wetting characteristics on all standard surface finishes
    • Cleanable with aqueous based cleaning systems after multiple reflows
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