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ALPHA Argomax sinter and die attach solutions are designed to meet and even exceed the demanding quality standards for electric vehicle and power electronics manufacturers.


Innolot is a proprietary lead-free solder alloy that offers the highest degree of mechanical reliability available for electronics assemblies subject to extremely harsh environmental and end use conditions.


The popular SACX, SACX Plus, and SnCX Plus alloys are unique, proprietary lead-free solder alloys designed to deliver high reliability and drop in soldering performance for most applications using SAC305 and other lead-free alloys. The low and no silver compositions can lower and assemblers total cost of ownership significantly with no trade-off in overall performance.


TrueHeight Preforms are designed to deliver consistent and predictable bondline thickness (BLT) and minimize die tilt during component and board assembly.


AccuFlux technology enables precision controlled micro-flux coating of the solder preform to promote repeatable wetting, spread and voiding for large area solder attach applications. This leads to consistent void reduction and maximizes the mechanical integrity of the solder joint.


Exactalloy preform technology is the industry standard for precision soldering.  Exactalloy preforms enhance assembly process by providing the right amount of solder to strengthen solder joints.


The Powerbond alloy provides higher tensile strength than traditional SAC alloys and thermal fatigue properties moving closer to that of high-lead.


The ALPHA HiTech portfolio of adhesives, underfills, edgebond and encapsulant materials provide reinforcement and protection for soldered assembled components, allowing them to pass stringent reliability tests such as Drop Shock, Impact Bend and Accelerated Thermal Cycle (ATC).


Telecore flux-cored solder wire is a low residue formulation designed for no-clean soldering applications that meet high SIR reliability and excellent spread characteristics. The unique blend of rosin and proprietary activators provide rapid wetting while leaving minimal, optically clear, completely inert residue.


Tetrabond is the culmination of "frameless" stencil development; an elegantly simple system designed to enhance the rigidity of the foil, making safe mounting and demounting an easier proposition.


ALPHA tensoRED Master Tensioning Frame has been designed to reduce the total cost of ownership of stencils compared to other systems by creating even tension without the need of air pressure being applied to the frame.


Vaculoy branded alloys have been manufactured using a proprietary process designed to remove a variety of impurities resulting in an alloy that is higher quality and easier to use while producing less dross during wave soldering.


ALPHA HiFlo solder is manufactured with virgin metals process through Alpha’s proprietary viscosity and dross lowering treatments which create the purest, lowest drossing, highest fluidity solder. HiFlo is then alloyed and cast in a closed-loop injection system under a nitrogen blanket which leaves it free of cast-in impurities and included oxides. This enhances its low drossing characteristics.

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