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High Reliability Solder Pastes
Our broad line of solder pastes include many that are designed for resistance to both thermo-mechanical fatigue and electrochemical migration. These products use a combination of specially designed flux chemistries and solder alloys to deliver long term reliability under the most harsh end use environments. Some pastes target specific process defects that impact reliability including voiding, weak IMC's and warpage induced defects.
High Reliability Solid Solders
Our solid solders offer thermal and mechanical reliability performance in harsh environments that is better than many standard alloys offered in the industry today. These high reliability solder alloys are available in a variety of forms including bars, ingots, solid wires and preforms.
High Reliability Liquid Fluxes
Our uniquely formulated, broad line of water soluble and no-clean liquid fluxes that provide excellent resistance to electrochemical migration even under high temperature and high humidity end use conditions. These fluxes can be used in most wave, selective and rework soldering applications.
High Reliability Cored Solder Wires
Many of the high reliability solder alloys we offer are available in cored wire. Our leading cored wire flux chemistries offer a high degree of electrochemical reliability even under harsh end use conditions.
High Reliability Adhesives
A broad range of adhesives, underfills and edgebonding materials which provide significant mechanical reinforcement to soldered components and are compatible with other board level materials.
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