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Responding to the rapid growth of electric and hybrid vehicle technologies and the expansion of electronics throughout a vehicle's critical and entertainment functions, we are continually innovating with a portfolio of products proven to meet the most demanding electrical and thermo-mechanical reliability requirements of the automotive industry.
High speed computing
Computing related equipment must have a high degree of functionality and be capable of both processing large amounts of data quickly, as well as connecting users to one another. Computers and servers are complex in design and require joining materials that enable the assembly of a wide range of board types in a variety of different manufacturing processes and environments.
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Faster data transmission speeds, increased data storage, smaller form factors and sustainable business practices are just some of the issues that drive this industry. We provide the products and services needed to ensure that assemblers have the solutions they need to address these and other important board assembly concerns.
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Many of today's consumer products must communicate with other devices and utilize smart learning features while still remaining affordable. Our solutions enable consumer products to become more functional while also lowering their total manufacturing cost.
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High Reliability
Reliability is paramount in applications such as medical, defense, and aerospace where assembly performance must be ensured every time.
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Industrial Electronics
Industrial equipment is becoming increasingly automated. From sub-surface operated equipment, power transmission, smart factory automation, traditionally manually operated equipment is being controlled, monitored, and networked electronically.
As a global expert in solder interconnect technology, we provide the right set of materials, as well as, guidance to help you optimize your assembly process. The result: high throughput, high yield production and high efficiency, high reliability solar modules. Connect with Alpha for: Liquid Tabbing & Stringing Fluxes, Solder Wire, Solder Paste, and Solder Preforms.
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