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  • ALPHA® AccuFlux® Solder Preforms - Power Electronics

    Solder Preforms for power electronics applications with ALPHA Accuflux coating.

    • Various larger area preform sizes and thicknesses available
    • Fast placement using standard pick and place equipment
    • Non-tack flux formulation compatible with vacuum pick up systems
    • Available in standard alloys plus Innolot, Powerbond and high Pb alloys
    • Can be combined with ALPHA TrueHeight bondline control preforms  
    • EIA-481 tape and reel packaging
  • ALPHA® High Lead Die Attach Solder Preforms

    High lead solder preforms with 4N alloy purity for die attach

    • 99.99% (4N) purity, High Pb containing alloys
    • Hermetically sealed package with Argon
    • 50um and thicker standard 
    • Discs, squares and rectangular shapes
  • ALPHA® TrueHeight® Solder Preforms - Power Electronics

    Solder Preforms with Embedded Bond Line Control

    • Bondline control for 75µm and larger thicknesses
    • Ideal solution for clip attach and warped substrates
    • Available in a wide variety of alloys, including PbSnAg, SnSb, SAC, Innolot, Powerbond, and others
    • ALPHA TrueHeight Preforms can be provided with an optional external ALPHA Accuflux flux coating.
    • Tape and reel packaging
  • ALPHA® Innolot Solder Preforms

    Solder preforms with Innolot Alloy

    • High temperature and high vibration resistance targeting automotive applications
    • Available in 3N and 4N alloy purity
    • Available with bondline control 
    • Available with ALPHA Accuflux flux coating
    • Tape and reel packaging and bulk packaging options 
  • ALPHA® Powerbond® Solder Preforms

    Lead-free, high temperature, high reliability alloys targeting Power Electronics applications

    • Excellent alternative in high lead alloy applications
    • Operating temperatures up to 175°C
    • High creep resistance & tensile strength
    • Improved wetting
    • Available with bondline control 
    • Available with ALPHA Accuflux flux coating
    • Tape and reel packaging & bulk options
  • ALPHA® Exactalloy® Tape & Reel Solder Preforms

    By providing a consistent and precise solder volume, the ALPHA Exactalloy Tape and Reel preforms improve the reliability and performance of components used in PCB assembly. 

    • Selective solder volume increase for solder joint strengthening
    • Enables 100% hole fill
    • Reduces flux residue for ICT  
    • Eliminates rework and inspection after reflow
    • Low temperature compatible
  • ALPHA® Exactalloy® Washers for Hole Fill

    Solder preform washers are used in PCB assembly, the integration of PCBs into higher level assemblies, as well as the primary solder material for the construction of numerous electronic devices.

    • Integrated flux for paste-free soldering
    • Fit the most common connector pin sizes
    • Packaged in tape and reel and bulk jars
    • Offer low temperature alloys for secondary lower temperature reflow
  • ALPHA® AccuFlux® Solder Preforms - PCB Assembly

    An ideal solution for applications that require both low voiding in large area solder joints and that desire a low flux residue solution appropriate for no clean manufacturing processes.

    • Various preform sizes and thicknesses available
    • Fast placement using standard pick and place equipment
    • Low-tack flux formulation
    • Preforms available in all standard solder paste alloys
    • 7” and 13” standard EIA-481 tape and reel packaging format
  • ALPHA® AccuFlux® BTC-578 Solder Preforms

    Designed to enhance reliability and heat transfer through the reduction of voiding under bottom termination components. 

    • Efficient heat dissipation through consistently low voids
    • Enhanced process stability and predictable reliability through repeatable void distribution
    • Maximizes mechanical integrity through increased solder volume
    • Enhanced electrochemical reliability on shrinking component packages through low flux residue
  • ALPHA® TrueHeight® Spacer Blocks

    Designed to deliver consistent bondline thickness (BLT) and minimize die tilt resulting in predictable reliability and performance designed into the device.

    • Provide precise height control up to +0.010mm.
    • Assure repeatable results with burr-free technology.
    • Easily integrate into standard SMT assembly using standard Tape and Reel Packaging


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