Product Overview

ALPHA SACX Plus 0807 is a low silver lead-free alloy specially designed with proprietary additives to deliver soldering and reliability performance similar to higher silver SAC alloys (ie, SAC305, 405, etc.). The SACX 0800 variant is used to stabilize/reduce the copper content in the wave solder bath; this requirement will depend on process conditions.

The proprietary Vaculoy process is used to remove certain impurities, particularly oxides. ALPHA SACX 0807 can be used for the widest range of assemblies and under the widest range of operating conditions of any low silver or silver free alloy available today.

ALPHA SACX 0807 is available in a variety of forms, including solder wire for replenishment and rework requirements.

Product Features

  • SAC305-like performance
  • Fast wetting and wide process window
  • Strong, ductile joint for high mechanical reliability
  • Lower material costs vs SAC305 
  • Low dross rate
  • Low copper dissolution
Technical Bulletins
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ALPHA® SACX® Plus 0807 Technical Bulletin English

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ALPHA® SACX® Plus 0807 技术公告 简体中文

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ALPHA SACX Plus 0807 is suitable for wave soldering and selective soldering for electronic assemblers interested in implementing a lead-free process.

It is suitable for nearly all types of boards (single & double-sided) and works particularly well on assemblies with OSP pad finishes that have been exposed to prior reflow excursions and where lower silver or silver free alloys have not worked.

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