Product Overview

ALPHA SACX Plus 0307 is a low silver lead-free alloy suitable for use as a replacement for SnPb, SAC305 and other low silver SAC alloys including the original SACX 0307 in wave solder, lead tinning and rework processes.

ALPHA SACX Plus 0307 has been engineered for improved copper dissolution performance during the long hot exposure times associated with rework and lead tinning.

Product Features

  • Low Silver for lower material cost
  • Low dross rate
  • Low copper dissolution
  • Excellent mechanical reliability
  • Fast wetting and wide process window
Technical Bulletins
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ALPHA® SACX® Plus 0307 Technical Bulletin English

Documentation icon - Technical Bulletin

ALPHA® SACX® Plus 0307 技术公告 简体中文

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ALPHA SACX Plus 0307 is suitable for wave soldering and selective soldering for electronic assemblers interested in implementing a lead-free process.

It is suitable for nearly all types of boards (single & double-sided) and works particularly well on assemblies with OSP pad finishes that have been exposed to prior reflow excursions and where lower silver or silver free alloys have not worked.

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