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Surface Mount
Circuit Board Assembly - Surface Mount
Surface Mount Technology is often considered the most common electronic assembly process due to manufacturing and performance efficiencies. SMT allows for increased board densities, lower profile packages, and quicker assembly turnaround. Our products are engineered to meet the complexities of next generation packages.
Through Hole
Circuit Board Assembly - Through Hole
Through hole soldering is normally required for assemblies using components with extended wire leads. The assemblies may be single sided or multilayered. Through hole components are generally heavier, carry more current or subject to greater mechanical strain (i.e. connectors) and subsequently require more solder volume. We provide the products designed to meet the challenges of through hole soldering.
ALPHA Argomax Laminated Clip-AS-Product Page
Power Module Assembly
Sintering Die Attach, Sintering Die Top Attach, Sintering Package Attach : Engineered sinter materials and unique process applications to address all possible design implementations for power electronics.
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