Industrial Electronics

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Industrial equipment is becoming increasingly automated.  From sub-surface operated equipment, power transmission, smart factory automation, traditionally manually operated equipment is being controlled, monitored, and networked electronically.

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Military electronics
Ruggedized Industrial Electronics
Ruggedized industrial electronics must be resistant to a high degree of mechanical stress including vibration, drop shock and exposure to a broad range of temperatures and moisture. These assemblies are commonly used in field applications including sub-surface, construction, monitoring and adventure sporting equipment.
High Voltage Electronics Power Sub Station
High Voltage Industrial Electronics
High voltage industrial electronics can be dangerous if assembled or handled incorrectly. This equipment can be found in electrical power distribution, x-ray inspection, particle beam, arc ignition and other high power systems.
Factory Monitor
Industrial Controls
Industrial controls covers a broad range of electronics used to operate and monitor equipment and instruments used in manufacturing, transportation, automation, analytical and many other end use markets.
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