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Wave Soldering
Wave soldering is primarily used to solder through hole components to a PCB but can also be used for SMT parts. During a typical wave soldering process the board, with components inserted, is passed through stages where a flux is applied, then the board is preheated before passing over a "wave" of molten solder. Alpha and Kester's solid solders and liquid fluxes are engineered for these processes.
Selective Soldering
Primarily due to a decreasing use of through hole components the utilization of selective soldering equipment for PCB assembly is on the rise. This equipment is also popular because it is less expensive and smaller than traditional wave soldering systems. Because the selective soldering process is so much different than wave soldering, Alpha has developed and qualified a variety of high performing, cost effective soldering materials for use in selective soldering processes.
Robotic Soldering - Through Hole
For board assemblies that require the precise and repeatable application of solid or cored solder wire, we have a wide variety of products to choose from in an assortment of wire diameters.
Gluing SMT components
Alpha offers a broad range of adhesives which can be used to hold SMT devices in place prior to wave or selective soldering. These materials also provide increased reinforcement to the part during its useful life.
Manual Soldering and Rework - Through Hole
Even the most controlled assembly process requires the occasional rework stage. Customers can consider a wide range of cored wires that exhibit the most consistent flux to metal ratio while increasing efficiency and cleanliness during the rework process. Solder pastes and paste fluxes may also be used for reworking certain components.
Selectively Increasing Solder Volume
During assembly, some through hole components benefit from the addition of small amounts of solder to enhance joint strength. We offer customized, pre-fluxed or unfluxed solder preform solutions that can be seamlessly implemented into current through hole assembly processes.
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