MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions and Alpha Assembly Solutions along with their advanced electronics, photomasks, and advanced materials businesses, have merged to become MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions.

MacDermid Alpha has the advantage of an integrated product offering combined with cross-functional knowledge in the Circuitry, Assembly, and Semiconductor segments. We believe having a strong foothold in every step of the electronics supply chain is crucial to our ability to help our customers succeed.

Circuitry Solutions

Specialty chemicals for the most complex printed circuit board designs.

Semiconductor Solutions

Wet chemicals, attachment materials, and photomasks used to manufacture advanced electronic packages.

Assembly Solutions

High performance materials for circuit board assembly and other electronics.

Over time we will begin to reveal a fully integrated MacDermid Alpha website. Until then, please explore the sites we maintain as MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions, Compugraphics, and Alpha Assembly Solutions. You may also navigate using the product brand logos above to connect to our new divisions.

MAES Chart.png

Please note, our legal entity names are unchanged.