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  • ALPHA® CUT Laser Cut Stencils

    The highly repeatable, accurate printing performance you require from the company that pioneered stainless steel, laser stencil-manufacturing technology.

    • Best-in-Class positional accuracy proven in process capability studies
    • Best-in-Class aperture tolerance
    • Maximized paste transfer efficiency for optimum paste deposit repeatability and minimal under stencil wiping
  • ALPHA® CUT HR2 Laser Cut Stencils

    The new improved printing performance laser cut stencil, from the company that pioneered stainless steel, laser stencil-manufacturing technology.

    • Improved volume repeatability
    • Increased print yields
    • Improved solder paste transfer efficiency
    • Improved print definition
    • Smoother walls
    • Drop in compatibility
    • Available in common formats such as ALPHA TetraBond, Vector Guard and meshed frame stencils
  • ALPHA® Precision Milled Stencils

    ALPHA Precision Milled Stencils are designed to enable optimal control of the paste deposits when assembling boards containing a wide variety of component sizes.

    • Greater flexibility in the transition from one thickness to another
    • Surface roughness values in the steps closer to that of the main stencil
    • Less paste smearing
    • Improved repeatability of print deposits
    • Reduced pressure on steps
    • Enables use of Multi-level stencils on closed-head printing systems
  • ALPHA® iStencil Online Ordering System

    The ALPHA iStencil Online order system enables customers to place orders directly and track their order status giving complete visibility of the stencil process from order to delivery.


    • History of all your stencil orders
    • Secure storage of stencil data and other data files
    • Customers can place orders for stencils directly into Alpha’s production schedule
    • Live status of open stencil orders, from receipt of order to delivery at your site
  • ALPHA® tensoRED® Master Tensioning Frame

    ALPHA tensoRED has been designed to reduce the total cost of ownership of stencils compared to other systems by creating tension without the need of air pressure being applied to the frame.

    • Reduced maintenance costs
    • Improved reliability
    • Improved manual handling for operators
    • Reduced variation in volume deposits
    • No need to replace your ALPHA Tetrabond foils
    • Compatible with Vector Guard foils
    • More even tension resulting in less paste smearing
    • Improved positional alignment on volume deposits
  • ALPHA® Nickel CUT Stencils

    Knowledge, Experience and Service at the Forefront of Stencil Technology.

    • Long stencil life, up to twice that of stainless steel stencils
    • Material formula optimized for laser cutting
    • Rapid turnaround to meet the tightest delivery requirements
    • Framed or frameless foils to suit all printers and formats
  • ALPHA® Tetrabond

    Frameless Stencil Foils Taking "Frameless" Stencil Technology to a New Level.

    • Accurate - Image ‘float’, associated with mesh mounted stencils, is eliminated
    • Safe - No sharp edges make ALPHA Tetrabond foils safer to use and handle
    • Excellent rigidity - Best-in-class
    • Easy-to-use - Mounting and demounting are achieved simply without the need for a loading jig
  • ALPHA® Stencils Accessories

    ALPHA Stencil products are based on unique blends of advanced technology, specialist knowledge of the solder paste printing process, and a genuine will to meet your most stringent delivery needs.

    • ALPHA Repair - Practical Rework Solutions
    • ALPHA Inspect - Enhanced optical inspection
    • ALPHA Step - Flexibility in achieving the right solder paste volume
    • ALPHA Squeegee - Optimum aperture fill
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