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Advancements in Low Temperature Soldering

Two page article discussing a revolutionary solder alloy that enables peak reflow at lower temperatures while improving mechanical reliability and reducing warpage.  From 2017 September SMT Today.

Can All Liquid Fluxes Work Well On A Reflowed OSP Pad Finish?

Conference paper investigating chemical changes OSP coatings undergo in thermal excursions. Elements of soldering flux that may neutralize the effect of such degradation. Wetting property of Pb- free solder on thermally exposed OSP studied in presence of these elements and fluxes containing them.  IPC APEX 2022

Comprehensive Report on Low Temp Solder Alloys for Portable Electronics

Eight page article discussing next generation low temperature lead-free alloys which are capable of delivering high reliability performance at low soldering temperatures.  From 2015 Proceedings, SMTA International.

Development of Low Temperature Drop Shock Resistant Solder Alloy for Handheld Devices

Five page article presenting a detailed study on next generation low temperature alloys that can be used in reflow soldering temperatures from 170 to 200°C.  From 2013 Proceedings, EPTC.

Development of Pb-Free Alloys with Ultra-High Thermo-mechanical Reliability

Six page article presenting a detailed study on improving the mechanical properties of solder as well a controlled growth of interfacial IMCs and alloy microstructure.  From 2015 Proceedings, SMTA International.

Die Attach Material and LED Functional Performance

Six page article discussing the effect of die-attach material properties and chip structure on LED functional outputs   Published 2018.

Double Side Sintered IGBT + FRD, 650V/200A, in a STO247 Package for High Performance Automotive Applicaitons

Five page article discussing how when combined with a high performance die, the use of ALPHA Argomax 8030/35 wafer level lamination for die attach combined with laminated ALPHA Argomax 8020 sinter film to the clip attach can enable lower peak junction temperature, higher reliability, compact design, and a more cost effective cooling system.   Published 2019.

Effect of Thermo-mechanical Stresses on the Reliability of Pb-Free Low Silver Alloys

Seven page article detailing the how the use of certain additives such as Bi in a low-Ag Sn-Ag-Cu alloy yields an alloy with good thermal cycling and excellent drop performance .  From 2016 Proceedings, SMTA International.

Effect of Voids on Thermo-mechanical Reliability of Solder Joints

Seven page article detailing that size and location of macro voids are not the primary factor affecting solder joint mechanical and thermal fatigue life.  From 2017 Proceedings, SMTA International.

High Reliability Green Alloys for High Temperature Operating Conditions

Eight page article detailing a study to develop a pb-free and antimony-free alloy with suitable micro-additives to have better thermo-mechanical performance then other SAC alloys.  Published 2015.

High Reliability Mid-Temperature Pb-Free Alloy for Multi-Step Soldering

Five page article discussing Pb-free alloys that allos for a 25-30C reduction in peak reflow temperatures, the effects of various alloying additions on the mechanical properties, and the thermal cycling performance of the alloys when used as a solder paste.   Published 2017, Electronics Packaging Technology Conference.

High Reliability Pb-Free Alloys for Performance Critical Applications

Seven page article characterizing various high reliability solder alloys using uniaxial tensile tests to show how when compared to SAC305, these high and ultra-high reliability alloys how superior mechanical properties.   Published 2018.

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