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We are continually innovating with a portfolio of products proven to meet the most demanding electrical and thermo-mechanical reliability requirements of the automotive industry.

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Adas Automotive
Advanced warning systems, such as lane departure, cruise control and pedestrian detection, utilize sensors and other sensitive components that create new challenges for high reliability vehicle electronics.
Automotive LED Highlight
LED Lighting
Automotive lighting assemblies create unique challenges on assembly materials.
Modern Car Interior
In-cabin electronics are becoming increasingly important to both control of the vehicle and comfort of its occupants. Electronic materials used in these devices require performance of a personal computer with increased reliability and optimization for total cost of ownership.
Picture of automotive circuit board
Powertrain related electronic systems are regularly exposed to high temperature (>120°C) and vibration. Joining materials used in these systems must exhibit the highest level of mechanical reliability under these extreme conditions. Alpha produces materials that, separately or in combination, deliver reliability that is unmatched in the industry.
Electric Vehicle - Power Electronics
Traction Inverters are a critical function in electric vehicles, with reliability, installed life and power density as key design objectives. Sinter materials and their use in power electronics enables reduced thermal resistance, improved power density and significantly improved reliability.
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