View Applications in Circuit Board Assembly - Surface Mount

Stencil printing is the most cost effective and efficient method of applying solder to a PCB assembly. Our products are designed to meet performance needs and enhance process control as board designs become more complex.
Dispensing / Jetting
Solder dispensing and jetting offers precise volume control in hard to print locations, complex shapes, and shrinking component sizes. Our products are designed to offer accurate volume control and repeatable performance for the most challenging board designs.
Manual Soldering and Rework - SMT
Even the most controlled assembly process requires the occasional rework stage. Customers can consider a wide range of cored wires that exhibit the most consistent flux to metal ratio while increasing efficiency and cleanliness during the rework process. Solder pastes and paste fluxes may also be used for reworking certain components.
Robotic Soldering - SMT
For board assemblies that employ automated soldering stations to carry out surgical soldering operations, choose from Alpha's range of flux chemistries that support solder wire diameters down to 0.15mm.
Gluing, Underfilling and Edgebonding
ALPHA HiTech offers a broad range of adhesives, underfills and edgebonding materials which provide significant mechanical reinforcement to soldered components and are compatible with other board level materials.
Selectively Increasing Solder Volume - SMT
During assembly, some through hole components benefit from the addition of small amounts of solder to enhance joint strength. We offer customized, pre-fluxed or unfluxed solder preform solutions that can be seamlessly implemented into current through hole assembly processes.
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