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Computing related equipment must have a high degree of functionality and be capable of both processing large amounts of data quickly, as well as, connecting users to one another. This equipment is complex in design and requires joining materials that enable the assembly of a wide range of board types in a variety of different manufacturing processes and environments.


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Tablets represent the leading edge of assembly technology in the computer segment due to their functionality and complexity. Manufacturers of tablets value high performance and sustainable solder materials, as well as, creative solutions to overcome severe space constraints.
Notebook computers available in the market today are extremely powerful with high capacity storage in a relatively small footprint. Manufacturers of notebook computers require joining materials which give them the greatest degree of flexibility in their board design.
Desktop computers have a wide range of functionality and capability without the space constraints of a notebook PC. Most are extremely powerful with high capacity storage. There are a wide variety of board materials, components and surface finishes being used in their assembly.
Storage unit containing circuit boards
Computer servers connect workstations, PCs and many other communications devices to one another locally and via the internet. This equipment is generally complex and powerful in design and requires joining materials that are highly robust and can withstand the most challenging manufacturing environments yet meet high surface insulation resistance requirements.
Hard Drives, SSD and Memory
Storage devices are used across a spectrum of electronic devices and are built in controlled manufacturing environments. Manufacturers value joining material quality and repeatable processing performance to meet their high quality standards.
Power Supply
Power Supplies
Power supply assemblies are used across a wide spectrum of devices and equipment in virtually all electronic markets. Power supplies are made in many places and, as a result, there are a wide variety of board materials, components and process conditions used.
Peripheral items - mouse, keyboard, headphones
Peripherals include a host of electronic devices that link directly to a PC via a wired or wireless connection and provide a variety of internal and external functions related to things like audio, video (displays), printing and cursor control (mouse). Peripherals can vary widely in quality and complexity with most common devices using medium complexity assemblies requiring high speed, low cost manufacturing.
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