Product Overview

ALPHA HiFlo SMG Sn63Pb37 solder is alloyed using our proprietary Vaculoy process utilizing materials of the lowest impurity levels available.

This provides the basis for it to far exceed the requirements for solder set by J-STD-006A and previous military specification QQS-571F. 

The unique Vaculoy process removes included oxides.  Inspection of each lot of material by both chemical analysis and Dross Inclusion Tests guarantees consistency with regard to metallic and non-metallic impurities, including oxides.

Available in Europe.


Product Features

  • Increases Production Speed
  • Minimizes Drossing
  • Reduces Bridging
  • Solders Densely Populated Boards
  • Solders at a Lower Temperature
Technical Bulletins
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ALPHA® HiFlo® SMG Technical Bulletin English

Advantages of ALPHA HiFlo SMG Bar Solder

ALPHA HiFlo SMG is manufactured using ultra high purity raw materials and the alloy is conditioned using Alpha’s proprietary viscosity and dross lowering treatments.  This results in a pure, low drossing, high fluidity solder alloy, which is free of cast-in impurities and included oxides. 

Characteristics include very low dross, reduced skips, bridges and icicling and fine pitch soldering. 

Ideal for densely populated boards, it enables increased production speeds and yield improvements, reduces solder pot maintenance. 

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