Product Overview

MICROFAB SN-300 / 302 process is a high speed, MSA based pure Tin process. MICROFAB SN-300 / 302 produces fine-grained, matte to semi-bright pure tine deposit. The formulation is developed to produce wafer bumps with excellent thickness distribution across the wafer, as well as a uniform alloy distribution.


  • Pure tin
  • Low alpha
  • Matte
  • High Speed
  • Lead-free

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Solder plating- Macdermid Alpha

Pillar Stack Annealed for 250 Hours at 1500C

Solder plating- Macdermid Alpha

MICROFAB SN-300 / 302

Product Name

Solder Type

Surface Type

Peformance Feature


MICROFAB SN-300 / 302

Pure Tin
Low Alpha
Ultra-low Alpha


High Speed


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