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Comps Mask
1X Master Photomasks
Ranging from 3”x 3” to 9”x 9” in a variety of substrate types, thickness and resist coatings for contact and projection aligners.
Comps Reticle
Reduction reticles (1.8X, 2X, 2.5X, 4X, 5X, 10X) for various stepper types (e.g. ASML, Nikon, Canon) and 1X Ultratech reticles.
Comps Wafer
Direct Write Wafers
We can pattern your designs directly onto your supplied wafers. Ideal for prototyping, smaller runs and fast design requirements.
Comps Cleanroom Equip
Copy Masks
Copy Masks, ranging from 3”x 3” to 7”x 7” on both soda lime and quartz substrate, for contact and close-proximity lithography.
Grayscale Masks
Our Grayscale Mask Technology allows you to sculpt 3D structures in photoresist.
Comps LAM
Large Area Masks
A variety of substrate types available (QZ, SL, Borofloat) and mask sizes up to 20”x 20”.
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