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Thermal Management
High performance applications that use epoxy TIMs are approaching their limitations. Solder based TIMs have higher thermal conductivity properties for the next generation thermal management solutions. MacDermid Alpha thermal management solutions is focused on solder based TIM.
A “Getter” is a material that is placed inside a hermetic package to protect the sealed environment. Getters sealed inside the hermetic environment assist in maintaining the desired atmosphere of the hermetic package and are critical in eliminating failures in these devices.
Lid Attach
To expand design and manufacturing flexibility of a Lid attach process, MacDermid Alpha adhesives conform to a variety of surfaces, reducing interfacial resistance to achieve uniform bond line thickness. High stress relief with strong adhesive characteristics minimize warpage and provide reliable bonding. Lid Attach adhesives are designed to provide the performance needed for today’s demanding electronic applications.
Die Attach
Die attach processes connect a die/chip to a substrate, package, or another die by adhesive bonding or soldering.
Liquid encapsulants are typically applied using automated needle dispensing equipment. The encapsulant must be hardened by heating or baking the assembly. Liquid encapsulation techniques have been used extensively in advanced semiconductor packaging, including applications such as underfilling, cavity‐filling, and glob top encapsulation.
Structural Bonding
Structural adhesives are “load-bearing” adhesive that are used to bond together substrates capable of maintaining bond integrity under stress. These bonded areas are the most important bonds in a product as failure can be catastrophic to the product's function or structure.
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