Product Overview

The MICROFAB SPM-1100 process is engineered for high-speed pillar, copper stud and Under-Bump Metallization (UBM) applications. It provides exceptional within-wafer, within-die, and within-feature uniformity.


  • Pillar / Post
  • Excellent coplanarity
  • High speed
  • High throughput
  • Flat bump shape
  • Low voiding

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Next Generation High Speed Solution

MICROFAB SPM-1100 is a next generation high speed solution and is a perfect replacement for industry leading MICROFAB SC copper solutions where >COP and plating rate is desired. It is also perfectly mated with our Boric Acid free Ni barrier and Tin Silver solutions (MICROFAB EVF NiBar) (MICROFAB TS-650)

  • Flat bump shape
  • Excellent Coplanarity
  • High Speed Deposition
Plating Copper-Macdermid Alpha
Plating Copper-Macdermid Alpha

3-Components Chemistry Designed

3-components chemistry designed solely for pillar applications capable of a wide range of aspect ratios with plating speed up to 3.0- 5.0 µm/min. Designed to be compatible with Pb-Free solder with or without a Ni Barrier process by utilizing crown technology.


Product Name

Cu Packaging Solution

Cu Process Feature

Feature-Property Benefit



High Speed
Excellent Coplanarity

High Through-put
Flat bump shape
Low KV Capable

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