Diverse needs, customized solutions. At Compugraphics, we service customers across a broad range of established and emerging sectors. We support high-volume manufacturing needs from R&D to prototyping.

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Markets by Category

Semiconductor, IC & Power Devices
Whether our customers are involved in device prototyping or volume manufacturing, we offer the required technical and service support to help their business succeed. We support enabling technologies that include 5G, automotive, consumer electronics, and power conversion.
Optoelectronics & Photonics
We continue to collaborate closely with customers to understand their evolving technical needs and optimize mask performance in their processes. Our team has developed solutions to meet the design needs to achieve non-Manhattan geometries and support layout of MLRs and MPWs.
Academic Institutions-Compugraphics
Academic, R&D and Start-ups
We support small-volume runs. Our team is committed to supporting emerging technologies, whether in the university laboratory or as they transition from lab to commercial spinoff. By adding value in the research or start-up phase, we often build loyalty that lasts a lifetime.
Life Sciences - Compugraphics
Life Sciences & BioMEMS
As photomasks play an increasing role in the realm of life sciences and nanotechnology, our team recognizes that customers often need additional technical support to define their mask requirements for their evolving processes. We commit to supporting you in your research journey.
MEMS - Compugraphics
MEMS & Nanotechnology
Whether you are a foundry or IDM, we support innovation in markets (e.g. Automotive, Life Sciences, Telecom, etc.). The rapid growth of MEMS & Nanotech, enabled by fabrication methods developed in I/C Fabs, focuses on miniaturization and cost reduction, making us the ideal mask partner.
Metrology Tools - Compugraphics
Metrology & Lithography Tool Manufacturers
We provide a consultative approach to develop an in-depth understanding of what you are trying to achieve to guarantee the accuracy of your tools. Investing in technical resources up front is essential to deliver precision tooling for equipment qualification and calibration.
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