Application Overview

Package designs such as Plastic Ball Grid Array (PBGA), Flip Chip Ball Grid Array (FC-BGA), Chip Scale Packaging (CSP) and Package on Package (PoP) fall under laminate packaging applications. A wide range of technologies and materials are required to enable the creation of highly reliable laminate packages.


Interconnect Technology for Laminate Packaging

Laminate packaging involves key process solutions such as:

  • Die attach/stacking
  • Wire bonding
  • Flip chip attach
  • Component/passive attach
  • Encapsulation/molding
  • Solder sphere attach

Excellent Reliability and High Throughput

BGA format is superior in lowering thermal resistance, reducing inductance, and increasing the number of interconnects. Hence, laminate packages have wider applications on gate arrays, microprocessors/controllers, memory, analog, and RF devices.

MacDermid Alpha provides a comprehensive die attach portfolio for high performance applications on laminate packaging. Our die-attach paste and film products demonstrate outstanding performance in high thermal conductivity, no/low resin bleed out, minimum out-gassing, low modulus, high flexibility and low moisture absorption.

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