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We provide innovative and sustainable semiconductor and microelectronics fabrication and packaging solutions to industry leaders.


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Our global team helps automotive designers, chip makers and engineers solve challenges of reliability and performance while meeting the ever-changing needs of the auto industry.
Our chemistry, polymers and metals are key building blocks for consumer and High-Performance Computing (HPC).
CT Scan Machine
For vital operations in the medical industry, we offer packaging materials that exhibit high reliability and performance. Common problems such as stray particles and moisture are minimized or eliminated with our advanced products.
We provide next generation materials to build thin, lightweight, portable designs that are enabled by smaller package sizes of various densities. Customers can rely on our long-term support and excellent product platform for high-performance, high-quality, and leading-edge materials.
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Mobile / Wireless
Bring your most innovative mobile designs to market with the lightweight strength and reliability of our technology. Our comprehensive experience on the assembly line, combined with intensive research and development, results in customized solutions for today's complex package assemblies.
We are committed to the development of unique die attach and assembly products, meeting current and future application demands for the power semiconductor industry.
RF Package
We provide the latest technologies to drive thermally-efficient and dependable Radio Frequency (RF) packaging that meets your needs.
CS-T3-Mil Aero
For mission-critical operations in the aerospace and defense industries, MacDermid Alpha offers robust packaging and assembly materials that exhibit the highest reliability and performance.
We are a leading supplier of wet chemicals, attachment materials, and photomasks used to fabricate wafers and manufacture the most advanced electronic packages on the market.
Telecom Infrastructure
We provide the latest material technologies for highly reliable and thermally-efficient optoelectronic and Radio Frequency (RF) components to meet your needs.
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