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Adhesives-Macdermid Alpha
We offer a full line of adhesives for a wide variety of applications. From permanent bonding adhesives with low outgassing properties to reworkable materials, encompassing a vast array of electrically conductive, thermally conductive and insulative materials in paste or film form.
Die-attach-Macdermid Alpha
Die Attach
The ATROX brand of conductive and non-conductive die attach pastes and films are designed to provide you with superior performance for today's stringent reliability requirements.
getters-macdermid- Alpha
We offer a full line of getter products for hermetic packages designed to eliminate harmful contaminants, increase device performance and in-service life, and reduce field failures in extremely harsh environments.
Marking Inks
Our portfolio of two-part ink systems for stamping, screen printing and spraying applications meet critical specifications in military, aerospace and industrial electronics markets.
Plating Copper-Macdermid Alpha
Plating - Copper
Semiconductor wafer level packaging (WLP) is evolving. To meet these new demands MacDermid Alpha is innovating copper plating solutions driven by 3D memory stacking, hybrid bonding, heterogenous integration and flip chip packages.
Plating Nickel -Macdermid Alpha
Plating - Nickel
Wafer level packaging (WLP) continues to demand high yield, high performance packages. MacDermid Alpha is growing its WLP portfolio, driven by green initiatives while building on its industry leading barrier technology.
Plating Precious Metal-Macdermid Alpha
Plating - Precious Metal
As 5G, power management and photonics continue to grow, MacDermid Alpha is meeting these demands with industry known solutions and innovations to improve cost of ownership, step coverage and viafill.
Plating Solder-Macdermid Alpha
Plating - Solder
As semiconductor Wafer level packaging (WLP) continues to grow, MacDermid Alpha is growing its WLP solder portfolio of innovation driven by market demand for highly co-planar pillars, higher throughput and lower cost of ownership.
Solder Flux
ALPHA and Kester paste fluxes offer industry leading soldering performance for semiconductor packaging applications and the latest halogen-free flux technology.
Solder Paste
We offer a full line of technologically advanced solder pastes developed to provide high throughput and yield, and the lowest cost of ownership for a wide range of applications.
Solder TIM
Kester indium solder thermal interface materials (TIM) provide a non-adhesive or non-organic interconnect between the die level interface and the heat spreader to enable uniform thermal dissipation.
ALPHA Solder Spheres are designed for Ball Grid Array (BGA), Chip Scale Packaging (CSP) and wafer bumping applications. ALPHA Solder Spheres are available in a wide range of standard lead free and custom alloys in a variety of common diameters.
Hitech Conformal Coatings
Conformal Coatings
Electrolube’s thin polymeric films applied to PCB’s to protect from the environment and corrosion. Electrolube’s coatings are some of the best in the world, designed for international approvals including military specifications. The range encompasses acrylics, silicones, polyurethanes, hybrid chemistries and environmentally friendly options.
Electrolube Encapsulant on board
Encapsulation Resins
Electrolube’s resin systems protect and insulate PCBs and components from the harshest environments. The materials are used to either encapsulate individual components, or can be used to pot the entire unit. Chemistries offered include epoxies, polyurethanes and silicones.
Heat Sink - thermal interface - electrolube
Thermal Interface Materials
Electrolube's extensive thermal interface materials & thermal solutions range is designed to help reduce the operating temperature of many different electronic devices.
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