Product Overview

MICROFAB CUMSA100 is a high-purity electroplating process which produces equiaxed-grained matte copper deposits. It is specially formulated for use in the fabrication of bump/pillars on semiconductor wafers. High-build bumps/pillars can be produced on fine semiconductor patterns for excellent performance.


  • Wide operating window
  • High purity
  • Ease-of-use
  • Low voiding

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Single Additive System

With a proven scalability down to very small features < (10x10 μm), the single additive system leads to simplicity in maintenance with a wide operating window.

Plating Copper-Macdermid Alpha
Plating Copper-Macdermid Alpha

Robust Wafer Plating Process

MICROFAB CUMSA100 is a robust wafer plating process ideal for high volume manufacturing, capable of producing copper pillars with surface roughness less than 100 nm and generating different topographies (dimple, flat, and doom).


Product Name

Cu Packaging Solution

Cu Process Feature

Feature-Property Benefit



Wide Operating Window
High Purity

KV Low

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