Product Overview

ALPHA OM-372 is engineered specifically to address the challenges of extreme miniaturization in mobile, wearable, and computing markets. ALPHA OM-372 provides best-in-class performance on low standoff components that require superior electrochemical performance and excellent transfer efficiency on fine feature sizes. 

ALPHA OM-372 is formulated to deliver more than 50% lower post reflow residue when compared to standard no clean pastes and is engineered for greater than 90% transfer efficiency on ultra-fine feature pad sizes as low as 80x130µm (008004).

ALPHA OM-372 offers best-in-class electrochemical reliability on fine pitched, low standoff components under the most challenging conditions common to ultra-high density board designs.





Product Features

  • Best-in-class electrochemical reliability on fine pitched low standoff packages
  • Ultra-fine feature printing & reflow capability down to 008004 components
  • Minimum post reflow residue provides high reliability performance for fine pitch, high density designs
  • Excellent HiP/NWO Performance
  • No-clean, zero-halogen


Technical Bulletins
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ALPHA OM-372 Solder Paste Technical Bulletin English

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ALPHA OM-372 锡膏 技术公告 简体中文

Product Flyers
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ALPHA OM-372 Solder Paste Flyer English

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ALPHA OM-372 锡膏 宣传页 简体中文

ALPHA OM-372 offers best-in-class electrochemical reliability

Miniaturization is creating new challenges for ensuring reliability of solder pastes on more complex, densely populated PCB designs. To address these challenges, Alpha developed a proprietary test to assess the ability of a solder paste to withstand electromigration on 0.100mm spaced, hermetically sealed comb patterns representative of the conditions typical of low standoff package designs.  ALPHA OM-372 is designed to maintain SIR values >10^8 with no evidence of  electromigration under these harsh operating conditions.

ALPHA OM-372 Detritic Growth Images
ALPHA OM-372 Fine Feature to Coalenscence

ALPHA OM-372 is designed for fine feature applications

ALPHA OM-372 is compatible with type 5 and 6 powders to enable excellent print and reflow attributes on the smallest feature sizes.  This paste exhibits >90% transfer efficiency and superior print process stability with Cpk >2.00 on 008004 packages with 80x130µm pad sizes.

ALPHA OM-372 offers excellent coalescence on 80x130µm pad sizes with no evidence of post reflow defects.

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