Product Overview

ALPHA CVP-390V is a zero-halogen solder paste that exhibits best-in-class electrochemical reliability down to 0.100mm comb spacing against the most challenging SIR profiles. ALPHA CVP-390V's compatibility with Innolot and ability to maintain high electrochemical performance on dense assembly designs makes this solder paste ideal for next generation high reliability applications.  

This paste is designed to be compatible with finer powder types. ALPHA CVP-390V provides >2.00CpK for transfer efficiencies between 60%-120% at area ratios as low as 0.60 against variable print process conditions for the ultimate flexibility in manufacturing. ALPHA CVP-390V maintains repeatable transfer efficiency on fine feature 01005 components and excellent coalescence down to 170µm circle and square apertures.


Product Features

  • Exceptional pin testability to ensure first pass yields
  • Superior electrochemical performance on fine pitched components to ensure reliability on complex PCB assemblies 
  • Excellent coalescence down to 170 µm apertures on high density assemblies
  • Compatible with SAC305 & Innolot high reliability alloys
Technical Bulletins
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ALPHA CVP-390V Solder Paste Technical Bulletin English

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ALPHA CVP-390V 锡膏 技术公告 简体中文

Product Flyers
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ALPHA CVP-390V Solder Paste Flyer English

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ALPHA CVP-390V 锡膏 宣传页 简体中文

Superior electrochemical reliability on harsh SIR profiles

ALPHA CVP-390V solder paste is engineered for electrochemical performance in the most stringent applications. This solder paste is capable of maintaining Log SIR>8 on harsh condensing environments such as automotive damp heat profiles, on covered components in advanced SIR profiles, and against IPC-J-STD-004B requirements down to 0.100mm spacing. These results combined with the Innolot alloy make Alpha Solder Pastes among the highest reliability pastes on the market.

ALPHA CVP-390 Solder Paste SIR Charts
ALPHA CVP-390V Contour Plot

Excellent transfer efficiency and manufacturing flexibility

ALPHA CVP-390V solder paste offers the ultimate flexibility across all manufacturing situations to enhance first pass yield and throughput. Contour plots were generated as part of an advanced statistical DOE to define the print characterization window when subjected to a broad range of Print Speeds (PS), Print Pressure (PP) and Stencil Releases (SR).  ALPHA CVP-390V maintains >1.33 Cpk at area ratios above 0.52 and >2.00 Cpk at area ratios above 0.60  for transfer efficiencies between 60%-120%. 

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