Product Overview

ALPHA JP-500 is formulated to deliver excellent visual joint cosmetics and is rated ROL0 per IPC J-STD-004. ALPHA JP-500 features a rheology capable of standard dispensing or jetting.

This paste is formulated to offer best-in-class in circuit pin test yields and high electrochemical reliability. ALPHA JP-500 offers outstanding reflow process window and solderability across all traditional surface finishes. 

Product Features

  • Deposit capability and processability of circular dimensions down to 0.25mm (0.010”)
  • Excellent deposit consistency with high process capability index across all board designs
  • Reduction in random solderballing levels, increasing first time yield
  • Excellent pin-testability
  • Available in Type 5 and Type 6 powder 
Technical Bulletins
Documentation icon - Technical Bulletin

ALPHA JP-500 Solder Paste Technical Bulletin English

Documentation icon - Technical Bulletin

ALPHA JP-500 锡膏 技术公告 简体中文

Excellent deposit consistency

ALPHA JP-500 is able to maintain excellent individual dot deposit consistency with accuracy of 80µm and deposit accuracy of 40µm on a 0603 footprint.

ALPHA JP-500Jet Printing Chart
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