Product Overview

ALPHA OM-353 is a zero-halogen solder paste engineered to provide superior electrochemical performance and minimize residue spread. This results in superior electrochemical performance down to 0.200 mm spacing on harsh automotive profiles. ALPHA OM-353 in combination with the Innolot alloy provide the optimal solution for high reliability applications.

Designed with manufacturing flexibility in mind, this solder paste is compatible with Type 5 powders for fine feature applications and available with traditional lead free alloys such as SAC305 or low silver SACX. ALPHA OM-353 combines world class print and reflow performance with consistent transfer efficiency and excellent non-wet open and head-in-pillow performance making this solder paste ideal for broad latitude application. 



Product Features

  • Broad latitude paste with wide print process window on fine aperature sizes
  • Excellent electrochemical reliability on fine pitched components in harsh operating conditions
  • Superior post reflow residue containment
  • Compatible with industry leading Innolot high reliability solder alloy
  • Excellent HiP performance
Technical Bulletins
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ALPHA OM-353 Solder Paste Technical Bulletin English

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ALPHA OM-353 锡膏 技术公告 简体中文

Product Flyers
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Excellent Transfer Efficiency with Small Area Ratios

ALPHA OM-353 solder paste is among the most versatile solder pastes on the market. This paste combines superior print volume repeatability in fine feature applications at various print speeds with Type 5 powder. ALPHA OM-353 maintains 1.33 Cpk across various print speeds with transfer efficiencies above 60% on AR≥0.52.

ALPHA OM-353 T5 Box Plot of Aperture Size
ALPHA OM-353 SIR charts

Superior electrochemical reliability on harsh SIR profiles

ALPHA OM-353 solder paste is an industry leader for electrochemical performance in the most stringent applications. This solder paste is capable of maintaining Log SIR>8 on harsh condensing environments such automotive damp heat profiles, 1000 hr extended advanced SIR profiles, and against IPC-J-STD-004 requirements down to 0.100mm spacing. These results combined with the Innolot alloy make ALPHA OM-353 solder pastes among the highest reliability pastes on the market.

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