Product Overview

ALPHA HiTech CU21-3240 is a one-component capillary underfill designed for the protection of assembled chip packages onto printed circuit boards.  

It is a high glass transition temperature [Tg] and low coefficient thermal expansion [CTE] underfill.  These features result in a high reliability solution.




Product Features

  • Provides full component coverage when dispensed onto the substrate preheated at 70 - 100°C
  • High Tg and Low CTE values drastically improve the ability to pass a more stringent Thermal Cycling Test condition
  • Excellent Thermal Cycling Test performance
  • Halogen-free and complies with RoHS Directive 2015/863/EU
Technical Bulletins
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ALPHA HiTech CU21-3240 Underfill Technical Bulletin English

Documentation icon - Technical Bulletin

ALPHA HiTech CU21-3240 底部填充剂 技术公告 简体中文

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ALPHA HiTech Brochure English

 Documentation icon - Brochure

ALPHA HiTech 宣传册 简体中文

Underfill For Exceptional Thermal Fatigue Resistance

Stand alone SAC solder joints in BGA and CSP assemblies tend to falter in thermally harsh automotive applications. High Tg and low CTE underfill [UF] is a reinforcement solution. As rework is not a requirement, this allows higher filler content in the formulation to develop such attributes.

ALPHA HiTech CU21-3240, has a high Tg of 165°C and low CTE1/CTE2 of 31 ppm/105 ppm, on assembled CVBGA360 and has been tested to pass 5000 cycles -40 +125°C thermal cycling test.  For a better flow rate, preheat the substrates during dispensing.

ALPHA HiTech CU21-3240 Diagram
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