WHY - Package Attach Sinter

The most significant contributors to the overall thermal resistance (Rth) from die to heat sink are the interconnect materials, including the thermal interface material (TIM). 

These interconnect materials can account for >50% of the total.  By replacing the TIM or solder with a thinner, highly conductive pressure sinter layer, the Rth decreases by 10-15%. 

This change also improves reliability by managing the stress and warpage between the package and heat sink.

ALPHA Package Attach Sinter

HOW - Package Attach Sinter

A sintering solution with flat nozzle dispense enables the application ALPHA Argomax paste for an entire inverter in <20 seconds.  The paste ensures intimate contact between the package and the heat-sink, accommodates warpage, and sinters with low pressure without cracking the molded package. 

ALPHA Argomax, based on proprietary nano-particle technology is the only viable sintering solution for package to heat-sink attach.

Package Attach example