Lid Attach Solution

In a lid attach process, the sealant adhesive is dispensed on the lid periphery or adjoining area of the substrate by a needle-type dispense head or by dipping the lid edges into a dip tank of adhesive. Then the lid is positioned, and the lid is placed onto the substrate. The adhesive material is designed to interface properly with the substrate. While not a hermetic seal such as metal, glass or ceramic, the cured lid seal adhesive passes gross and fine leak tests for most commercial applications. Making lid seal adhesives ideal for CMOS and other optical imaging devices.


Lid Seal features:

  • Thixotropic for easy dispensing
  • Low modulus for stress relief
  • Fast or snap cure for shortened processing time, resulting in increased productivity
  • B-Stage type materials allowing 3rd party subcon processing
  • High performance sealant protecting sensitive components against moisture and contamination
  • Strong adhesion to common substrates
  • Low voiding
  • High purity/Low Ionics
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