Typically Used Inside Hermetic Packages

Getters protect sensitive internal electronic devices in high-end applications, such as aero-space, optical networking and implantable medical devices. Getters have been used within microelectronic and optoelectronic hermetic devices for decades. Employing getters is a well-known solution to capture contaminants present at sealing or outgas during the life of the device. Getters are a proven solution targeting very specific outgassing contaminants. MacDermid Alpha Semiconductor Solutions has provided getter solutions to its customers for over 20 years in the defense & aerospace, medical and optical networking markets.


Getters are often required as hermetic sealing protects critical electronic components; however, some devices need additional protection from contaminants and effects such as:

  • H2 will react with palladium and platinum semiconducting gates in microwave chipsets (e.g. GaAs) causing extensive failures
  • H2O (Moisture) may induce corrosion and possibly lead to dendritic growth
  • H2 (Hydrogen) reacts with O2 (Oxygen) to produce H2O which then may induce corrosion
  • CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) can affect laser power and add distortion
  • MEMS/MOEMS devices in the presence of any contaminant gas may change the characteristics the device resulting in loss of performance

Hydrogen and moisture getters are critical in eliminating failures in hermetic packages. Getters are typically reactive materials that are placed inside a closed system to maintain a desired internal atmosphere for the intended life of the device. When contaminants or unwanted species contact the getter, they combine by both adsorption and absorption. This process of removing unwanted residual gases in this way is known as gettering.

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