ALPHA iStencil enables customers to have complete visibility of their stencil orders.

Customers can place orders directly into Alpha's production schedule, confirm costs and track progress in ALPHA iStencil.

Features & Benefits

  • History of all your stencil orders
  • Secure storage of stencil data and other data files
  • Customers can place orders for stencils directly into Alpha’s production schedule
  • Live status of open stencil orders, from receipt of order to delivery at your site
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ALPHA iStencil Online Ordering System

ALPHA iStencil Online Ordering System

  • Minimizes the information needed to order a stencil
  • Customers can attach design data files needed to create the stencil
  • All design rules and special instructions can be stored in the Customer Profile
  • Cost of each stencil is confirmed once order received and confirmed
  • Status updates are sent by email for each stage of the production process
  • Track delivery status of the completed order
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