Product Overview

ALPHA tensoRED Master Tensioning Frame was developed with the aim of reducing the total cost of ownership of stencils compared to other systems on the market.

The patent pending technique for creating tension in the stencil is achieved without the need of air pressure being applied to the frame, resulting in less maintenance cost and downtime. It allows all the advantages of using stencils in foil formats to be achieved, at lower overall cost of ownership than older technologies.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved reliability
  • Improved manual handling for operators
  • Reduced variation in volume deposits
  • No need to replace your ALPHA Tetrabond foils
  • Compatible with Vector Guard foils
  • More even tension resulting in less paste smearing
  • Improved positional alignment on volume deposits
Technical Bulletins
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ALPHA tensoRED Stencils Technical Bulletin English

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ALPHA Stencils Europe Brochure English

ALPHA tensoRED Master Tensioning Frame

Sizes and Availability:

The system requires a minimum of 1 loader per customer to allow stencil foils to be loaded and unloaded from the tensoRED frame itself. Frames are available in common printer sizes and with configuration options for full 29” printer openings.

ALPHA tensoRED frames can be used with the following stencil products:

  • ALPHA Precision Milled Stencils
  • ALPHA CUT HR2 Laser Cut Stencils
  • ALPHA Nickel Cut Stencils
  • ALPHA Cut Laser Cut Stencils
  • ALPHA Tetrabond
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