Lead Products in High Reliability Solid Solders

Product Name Description key Features
Innolot A lead-free alloy designed for high temperature and high reliability applications.
  • Excellent thermal resistance
  • Resistance to vibration damage
  • Longer service life / lower warranty claims
ALPHA Vaculoy SAC305 A lead-free alloy offering best-in-class yield, out performing all Sn/Cu based materials.
  • Excellent soldering performance
  • High thermal fatigue resistance
  • Widely used
ALPHA SACX Plus 0807 A low silver lead-free alloy specially designed with proprietary additives to deliver SAC305 like soldering and reliability performance.
  • Low Silver (0.8%) for improved value vs. SAC305
  • SAC305-like soldering and reliability performance on complex assemblies
  • Low Copper dissolution and low drossing


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