IC Substrate

IC substrates: critical interfaces between the semiconductor chip and the printed circuit board

Fabricators of these IC substrates require the capability to deliver interconnect densities far beyond that of the typical printed circuit board fabricator. To successfully build these complex designs, manufacturers require a partner with proven solutions and specialty chemical expertise in high density designs. We are that solutions provider.

Our Systek™ line of IC substrate chemicals provide the solutions for the most technically challenging high-density designs. No other company has the breadth of chemistries and technical expertise to meet the most stringent requirements while achieving higher productivity at economical costs.

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  • Systek SAP for IC Substrates

    Systek™ SAP is a family of high-performance build-up processes for IC substrate RDL that provides multiple process flows for different materials.

    • Complete set of process chemicals from desmear through copper
    • Ionic and colloidal activator options
    • Low stress electroless copper deposit for excellent reliability
    • For fine line spacing down to 5/5 µm line and space
  • Specialty Applications for IC Substrates

    Niche specialty processes for high reliability bonding, copper adhesion, etching, and high speed signal integrity.

    • Anisotropic final etch with minimal undercut and square circuit profile
    • Copper adhesion promotion for high speed applications
    • Laser direct drilling oxide coating for improved consistency of drilling process
  • Copper Electroplating for IC Substrates

    From advanced via filling to high density embedded trace substrates, Systek™ copper electroplating technology pushes the limits of what is possible with electroplated copper.

    • 2-in-1 RDL plating with high coplanarity and low trace profiles
    • Copper through hole filling for core layer through holes and thermal management 
    • Embedded trace substrate plating for fine line outer layers
    • High speed copper pillar plating
  • Surface Finishes for IC Substrates

    A suite of final finishes for IC substrates that provides solderability, gold wire bondability, and OEM acceptance. Our finishes meet requirements for reliability during assembly and beyond.

    • ENEPIG final finish for gold wire bondability
    • ENIG final finish for reliable solderability with long shelf life
    • Organic solderability preservative
    • Consistent and stable processes with minimal precious metal consumption
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