Leading High Reliability Solder Pastes

ALPHA CVP-390V Innolot A lead-free, no-clean solder paste designed to maximize flexibility in manufacturing and provide superior electrochemical reliability in the most challenging applications.
  • Exceptional pin testability to ensure first pass yields
  • Superior electrochemical performance on fine pitched components to ensure reliability on complex PCB assemblies 
  • Excellent coalescence down to 170 µm apertures on high density assemblies
ALPHA OM-353 Solder Paste Lead-free, zero-halogen solder paste designed for broad latitude, high reliability applications, requiring process flexibility and residue containment.
  • Broad latitude paste with wide print process window on fine aperature sizes
  • Excellent electrochemical reliability on fine pitched components in harsh operating conditions
  • Superior post reflow residue containment
ALPHA OM-550 Solder Paste ALPHA OM-550 is a zero halogen, low temperature chemistry paired with the HRL1 alloy designed to offer improved drop shock and thermal cycling performance versus existing low temperature alloys.
  • Low reflow peak temperature of 185 to 195 °C for mixed alloy process
  • Compatible with HRL1 alloy for comparable mechanical performance to SAC305 in the right application
  • Reduction of warpage induced defects compared to SAC reflow process


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