Product Overview

ALPHA TrueHeight Spacer Blocks are burr free, non-collapse copper discs are gold plated to provide the insurance of a solderable surface and reliability you expect from an electronic component’s finish.

ALPHA TrueHeight Spacer Blocks are designed to be assembled like any other surface mount component to a surface mount pad.  They can even be assembled using a dispensable adhesive.

Product Features

  • Provide precise height control up to +0.010mm.
  • Assure repeatable results with burr-free technology.
  • Easily integrate into standard SMT assembly using standard Tape and Reel Packaging


Product Brochure
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ALPHA Solder Preforms Brochure English

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ALPHA 预成型焊片 宣传册 简体中文

ALPHA TrueHeight Spacer Block Applications

Setting a fixed bondline thickness under a component is often critical to maintain the integrity of a solder joint. ALPHA TrueHeight Spacer Blocks provide a precise standoff height.

Electronic components used in PCB assembly can benefit from the use of ALPHA TrueHeight Spacer Blocks to improve soldering results, such as to preventing corner solder bridging on large BGA devices. What’s more issues like component tilt and voiding can be managed using ALPHA TrueHeight Spacer Blocks, resulting in predictable reliability and performance.

Bondline Thickness image
ALPHA True Height Table
ALPHA TrueHeight Corner Bridging Images


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