Product Overview

ALPHA industrial solder preforms come in various shapes, sizes and alloys to suit your assembly needs and are available with or without integrated flux to ease your assembly challenges.  These preforms are designed to fit over or be inserted into difficult to solder processes like connector pins and cable termination interconnects.

Industrial solder preforms are available in a wide selection of alloys ranging in melting temperatures from as low as 47°C (117°F) to well over 300°C (572°F), can be delivered in tape and reel or bulk packaging, and bulk preforms can be processed manually, with a jig, fixture or automated feeder systems.

Industrial solder preforms are fully compatible with all standard soldering processes such as resistance, induction, laser, soldering iron, hot plates, torches and heat guns.





Product Features

  • Available in standard shapes and sizes including discs, rectangles, washers, sleeves and wire segments.
  • Extensive list of lead and lead-free alloys 
  • Available with or without integrated flux coating or core
  • Easily implemented into any solder process
  • Ultra-low temperature alloys available, primarily used for fuse functions
Technical Bulletins
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ALPHA Ultra-Core Cored Washer Preform Technical Bulletin English

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ALPHA Exactalloy Washer Collar Sleeve Preform Technical Bulletin English

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ALPHA Exactalloy Wire Stick Sn42Bi58 Preform Technical Bulletin English

Product Brochure
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ALPHA Solder Preforms for Industrial Applications English

Industrial preforms enable automation in your assembly process

Industrial solder preforms can enable automation for any high throughput soldering process.  Bowl feeders are often used to deliver the bulk packaged preform to the work area, where any method of soldering can be applied.  The option to use high speed soldering processes like induction, resistance, and laser soldering can bring tremendous cost savings and benefits to high volume applications.  Not only can you expect higher throughput than automated wire soldering machines and manual labor, but consistency and quality across your product line.

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Industrial Preforms for a Wide Range of End Applications

Available in a wide range of alloys, sizes, and shapes, industrial preforms provide innovative solutions and total lower cost of ownership.

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