Leading Solder Preform Solutions

ALPHA Exactalloy Standard Tape & Reel Preforms Designed to enhance reliability and heat transfer through the reduction of voiding under bottom termination components.
  • Selective solder volume increase for solder joint strengthening
  • Enables 100% hole fill
  • Reduces flux residue for ICT 
ALPHA AccuFlux BTC-578 Preforms Increase solder volume for joint reliability, reduce flux residue for improved electrical reliability and void reduction under component thermal pads.  
  • Efficient heat dissipation through consistently low voids
  • Enhanced process stability and predictable reliability through repeatable void distribution
  • Maximizes mechanical integrity through increased solder volume
ALPHA TrueHeight Spacer Blocks Designed to deliver consistent bondline thickness (BLT) and minimize die tilt resulting in predictable reliability and performance designed into the device.
  • Provide precise height control up to +0.010mm
  • Assure repeatable results with burr-free technology.
  • Easily integrate into standard SMT assembly using standard Tape and Reel Packaging


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