Product Overview

ALPHA HiTech CF31-4010 is an epoxy- based material to be dispensed on the corners (corner bonding) or edges (edge bonding) of BGA devices.

Upon completion of the curing process, the cured edgebond helps to strengthen the soldered assembled component allowing it to pass reliability tests such as Drop Shock, Impact Bend and Thermal Cycle Test (TCT).  

All ALPHA HiTech Products are halogen-Free.





Product Features

  • A lower cost option to conventional underfilling process with increased productivity and lower material volume required
  • High Tg and low CTE values drastically improve ability to pass more Stringent Thermal Cycling Test  
  • Reworkable
  • Halogen-free and complies with RoHS Directive 2015/863/EU
Technical Bulletins
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ALPHA HiTech CF31-4010 Edgebond Technical Bulletin English

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ALPHA HiTech CF31-4010 边缘粘结剂 技术公告 简体中文

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ALPHA HiTech Brochure English

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ALPHA HiTech 宣传册 简体中文

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Edgebond Option For Exceptional Thermal Fatigue Resistance

ALPHA HiTech CF31-4010 edgebond has high Tg [170C] and low α1 [25 ppm]/α2 [70 ppm].  TCT -40 +125°C pass results was 2700 cycles on SAC305 CVBGA360 assembly, 1000 cycles pass is most markets' requirements.  

With Innolot solder joints, 3000 cycles TCT -40 +150°C pass was secured.


Cross section solder joints profile at 3000 cycles exhibited only small cracks, no longitudinal cracking observed.

Material not in contact with solder joints is one contributing factor. A viable option to underfill for consideration. 

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