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In today’s high-density interconnect world, board fabricators and end-users alike, demand alternative surface finishes that combine high yields, low cost, increased functionality, and ease of fabrication and assembly. In keeping with our market served approach to the industry, we provide a full line final finishes to meet a variety of customer needs.

Final finishes can be permanent, becoming an integral part of the assembled board, or sacrificial, preventing copper oxidation and preserving solderability through the assembly process. Years of proven results are one of the principle reasons why our final finishing products are a critical part of many of the world's leading OEM electronics.


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    Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) for Integrated Circuit (IC) substrate applications.

    • Industry leading OSP coating thickness capability.
    • 24-month shelf life under best practice packaging and storage.
    • Visually unchanged retaining performance after multiple N2 reflows.
    • Significant minimization of OSP thickness reduction through de-flux providing protection of copper surfaces for further assembly.
    • Optimized interaction with assembly materials for BGA ball attach technologies.
  • Immersion Tin

    Widely specified immersion tin final finishes for consistent reliability. 

    • Industry leading immersion tin processes for automotive and general PCB final finishes  

    • Long shelf life 

    • Tolerates multiple lead-free assembly reflows 

    • Unique crystal structures that resist whisker formation 

  • Organic Solderability Preservative

    ENTEK® PLUS HT organic solderability preservative (OSP) is the industry’s most widely used and trusted OSP on the market today.

    • Production-proven to lead-free final finish
    • Visually unchanged and retains performance after multiple lead-free reflows
    • Selectively deposits on copper
    • Unique thickness control enables coating optimization
  • Immersion Silver

    Leading immersion silver offerings that enable excellent general assembly performance on a wide range of circuit board types

    • Specified by fabricators, assemblers and OEM’s worldwide
    • Exceptional solder joint strength, touchpad functionality and wire bondability
    • Superior conductivity for ultra-high RF applications
    • An effective solution for black pad, tin whiskers and exposed copper
  • Electroless Nickel / Immersion Gold

    The lowest variation electroless nickel immersion gold means reduced costs and high reliability.

    • Savings on gold costs due to tight plating window
    • Dummy free at startup and during operation
    • Thermally stable additives for reduced process variation.
    • Minimal surface variation – every pad is the same.
  • Electroless Nickel / Electroless Palladium / Immersion Gold

    Affinity™ ENEPIG is the final finish that IC substrate manufacturers choose for critical applications where six-sigma assembly performance and mission-critical reliability are required.

    • Delivers superior wire bond performance
    • Excellent solderability for leaded and lead-free applications
    • Provides wide thickness plating range
    • Extremely stable bath chemistry, simplified bath control
    • Corrosion Free Deposition
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