Setting the Standard for High-Yield mSAP

Our product selection for modified Semi-Additive Process (mSAP) for high density circuitry is increasing yields and enabling new designs. mSAP is a cost-effective process for fine line substrates which allows for a high degree of automation, high yields, and lean manufacturing. MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions has a portfolio which encompasses every process step including circuit formation, copper electroplating, etching, and final finishes.


mSAP chart

As higher densities are required to encompass all of the functionality required for today’s mobile devices, IC substrates, and substrate-like printed circuit boards (PCBs), manufacturers began relying on mSAP to meet their design requirements. Reliable technologies that can deliver the yields and quality necessary for this challenging manufacturing paradigm are only offered by chemical suppliers with the technical expertise and technological capability to deliver.

mSAP 2MacDermid Alpha offers a complete suite of specialty solutions for manufacturing with high density mSAP, enabling our customers to achieve results that they would otherwise be unable to with regular process chemistry. Our copper reduction technologies allow for precise tuning of copper foil thicknesses, while our innerlayer and laser drilling pretreatment processes enable high signal speeds and tight via tolerances. Our low-etch direct metallization processes allow for fewer copper interfaces and higher quality fine line resolution due to reduced etching. Our leading edge copper electroplating technologies enable fine lines and spaces with zero planarization between layers, and can even eliminate v-Pitting without the need for baking the panels after plating.

Our high resolution final etch defines traces with excellent sidewall profiles and zero undercut, and our selection of final finishes offers a wide variety of functional surfaces to meet assembly requirements. Global device original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are using our cutting edge manufacturing processes for mSAP to power the next generation of high performance electronic devices that are being built today.

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mSAP Product Selection

Process Product Name

Copper Reduction

CircuEtch 100

LDD Pretreatment

MultiBond™ 500

Innerlayer Adhesion

M-Speed HF

Primary Metallization

Systek™ Desmear

Via Dep™ 4550

Blackhole® LE

Shadow® LE

Dry Film Adhesion

MultiPrep 200

Copper Via Filling / Through Hole Plating

MacuSpec™ VF-TH

Dry Film Stripper

UltraStrip LDI

Differential Etch

CircuEtch 300

Solder Mask Adhesion

MultiPrep 200

Final Finish

Affinity™ ENIG



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