Product Overview

The ENTEK PLUS HT process provides a superlative lead-free final finish and maintains exceptional solderability through multiple lead-free processing, delivering the highest reliability BGA solder joint strengths.

This production-proven process meets the challenges of lead-free assembly, while maintaining eutectic and process capability. The process is specially designed for mixed metal applications, such as electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG). The OSP selectively deposits on copper while leaving gold connectors or metallic heat sinks free of contamination.

Using ENTEK PLUS HT results in reduced rejects, scrap and the highest reliability and first-pass assembly yields.

Product Features

  • Production-proven to lead-free final finish
  • Visually unchanged and retains performance after multiple lead-free reflows
  • Selectively deposits on copper
  • Unique thickness control enables coating optimization

The ENTEK PLUS HT process provides a superlative lead-free final finish and maintain exceptional solderability through multiple lead-free processing, delivering the highest reliability BGA solder joint strengths.

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PCB Surface Finishes Technical Publication SMTNet 2015 (EN)

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Silver & Change: A Tale of Silver, Copper, Nickel, and Gold Technical Publication PCB007 2015 (EN)

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To Quantify a Wetting Balance Curve Technical Publication APEX 2015 (EN)

OSP ICT Capability Chart

Exceptional Reliability

ENTEK PLUS HT exhibits consistent and extremely low resistance, even after three lead-free reflows. Conversely, the competitor’s OSP offers unpredictable and significantly higher resistance as witnessed by the variable, wide ranges documented. The variability progressively worsens as more force is applied by the probe.

ENTEK PLUS HT superior ICT capability substantially reduces rejects and rework, resulting in higher assembly yields. Black market processes claiming to offer the performance of an OSP do not compare!

Solder Joint Integrity

Tests performed using ALPHA lead-free, no-clean solder pastes with SAC 305 solder spheres demonstrate that ENTEK PLUS HT has better ball shear strength properties and superior cohesion compared with competitive OSPs. Less standard deviation results in more consistent solder joint strength and solderability.

OSP Ball shear test results
OSP Visual Integrity

Enhanced Appearance

As shown, ENTEK PLUS HT clearly provides a more aesthetically pleasing finish that maintains exceptional solderability through multiple high temperature processing versus a competitive, latest generation OSP. A comparison between black market processes that claim to be OSPs provide even more inferior results.

Exceptional Solder Spread & Hole Fill Excellence

ENTEK PLUS HT exhibits unmatched solder spread performance compared with a well known competitive OSP.

As the inter-stripe pad spacing (mm) increases, ENTEK PLUS HT clearly demonstrates its superior wetting capability by as much as 60%. Even at narrower pad spacing, ENTEK PLUS HT delivers a minimum of 25% better spread.

ENTEK PLUS HT has demonstrated over a 50% better hole fill performance versus competitive OSPs in lead-free soldering.

Given this astonishing data, you can truly appreciate the even more dramatic improvements and increased yields ENTEK PLUS HT can deliver versus black market OSPs!

CS-T9-OSP-Solder Spread Chart
OSP Wetting performance data

Superior Wetting Performance

ENTEK PLUS HT consistently demonstrates superior wetting balance test results, even after three lead-free reflows at 260°C compared with the competitive OSP.

Wetting performance testing was undertaken using a no-clean flux with an industry leading SAC 305 lead-free solder at 260°C. ENTEK PLUS HT clearly demonstrates much faster wetting with a substantially higher maximum force (mN/mm). These are key indicators of excellent copper protection and solderability versus the competitor and other black market OSPs.

ENTEK PLUS HT Process Cycle

The patented process inhibits galvanic etch effects, resulting in enhanced PCB reliability.

ENTEK Cleaner removes trace contaminates while wetting small pad features.

ENTEK Microetch further enhances the surface topography and provides fresh, active copper surfaces for subsequent process steps.

ENTEK PLUS HT includes a pre-coat and coating process that improves stability, extends bath life and reduces required maintenance. ENTEK Precoat prepares the surface for a more stable, reliable coating.

CS-T9-OSP-entek process chart

ENTEK OSP Final Finish Verification Program

The ENTEK OSP Verification Program was created to provide direct customers, as well as EMS or OEM companies, immediate assurance that they are receiving the real ENTEK coating that they desire and specify.

Are You Getting the Real ENTEK?

The ENTEK OSP Verification Program protects the entire supply chain by providing immediate assurance that you are receiving the real ENTEK coating. The program also offers assistance on the selection and process optimization of all MacDermid Enthone Brand PCB Final Finishes.

How do we know what's real? We are able to measure your OSP success...and failures. By performing specialized composition analysis testing, our MacDermid Alpha final finish applications experts can easily determine if you are getting an authentic ENTEK OSP or a black-market imposter. You deserve nothing less!

Let us verify your process.

ENTEK by MacDermid Enthone is the only finish that is patented and legally registered to carry the ENTEK name. If you have any questions, please contact us by using the link below.

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