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Production Proven Processes

Our through hole filling can improve thermal conductivity and enhance structural integrity of advanced designs. Plating high aspect ratio through holes, conformal plated blind microvias, stacked filled vias, and filling through holes for high density interconnect technology are just some of the challenges of PCB manufacturing environment. The reliability of these constructions is only as good as the copper plating within them. Today’s requirements call for higher standards of mechanical properties, process control and flexibility.

Electrolytic Copper for IC Substrates

Within the metallization offering for the IC substrate market, the MacDermid Enthone brand has industry proven electrolytic copper processes. The Systek™ UVF Series is specifically designed for the 2 in 1 RDL plating of IC substrate features. The system can fill blind microvias and X-vias while also plating fine lines, pads, and other surface features with high coplanarity and low trace profiles. The Systek THF Series are copper through hole filling metallization processes that can plate solid copper through hole structures in a wide range of substrate thicknesses and hole sizes. Systek ETS is an advanced DC acid copper pattern plating process specifically formulated to plate fine lines and pads in embedded trace substrates. To learn more visit our Copper Electroplating for IC Substrates page.

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View Products in Electrolytic Copper

  • Copper Via Fill

    Via filling solutions for any metallization challenge.

    • MacuSpec VF Series – General via filling in panel or pattern plating mode.
    • MacuSpec AVF Series – Advanced via filling for Any Layer applications.
    • MacuSpec VF-TH Series – Multifunctional processes for mSAP and SAP.
  • Electrolytic Copper Through Hole Plating

    Our high throw DC and pulse plating coppers can metallize through holes of nearly any aspect ratio with excellent microdistribution and minimal copper surface plating.

    • High throw DC portfolio enables pulse-like plating in DC equipment
    • MacuSpec HT series DC baths offer throwing power of greater than 80% at 30 ASF
    • Pulse plating portfolio offers superior microdistribution with wide operating windows
    • Industry recognized pulse baths including MacuSpec PPR, MPR, and PC 600
  • Electrolytic Copper Through Hole Filling

    The Systek™ THF Series high performance copper plating technology that bridges and fills through holes.

    • Unparalleled cavity free filling of through holes vs DC copper
    • Flat filling for subsequent stack build ups
    • Minimization of surface copper for HDI applications
    • Improved thermal conductivity
    • Drastically reduced plating times
    • Elimination of planarization processes
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