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Enabling the Leading Edge of Computing

Representing the state-of-the-art in electronics technologies, high powered computing and data centers require the highest processing power, lowest latencies, and highest bandwidth of all electronic devices. From solutions for heterogenous integration of systems to ever increasing IO counts, MacDermid Alpha offers a wide array of advanced printed circuit fabrication technologies for this leading edge of electronics.

Our IC substrates manufacturing technologies provide solutions to some of the industry’s leading issues such as integration of dies from multiple nodes, package IO limitations due to signal integrity, and the rapid scale-up in the use of accelerators for emerging applications in IoT, data analytics, blockchain, and specialty data crunching.

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Storage unit containing circuit boards

Our HDI and printed circuit technologies enable PCB manufacturers to solve issues in circuit miniaturization and integration that are not possible using standard manufacturing technologies. System-in-package designs and Substrate-Like PCB builds using our modified Semi-Additive Processing technologies push the limits of device energy efficiency and manufacturing yield.

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