Wires plugging into their outlet
Connectors and Interconnect Finishes
Chemical processes for the application of long lasting corrosion resistant coatings for connectors and interconnects.
Close-up of circuit board components
Copper Adhesion Promotion
A wide portfolio of chemical treatments for the copper surfaces that make up the circuitry of printed circuit boards and IC substrates.
Circuit board components
Electrolytic Copper
A full portfolio of acid copper products that meet all applications, from ultra aspect ratio conformal plating down to filling the smallest blind microvias.
Circuit board components
Final Finishes
Our industry leading portfolio of surface preparation and plating processes make us the market choice for organic and metallic final finishes.
IC Sub
IC Substrates
Our IC substrate solutions today enable the high density designs of the future.
CS-T7-Lead Frame Packaging
Leadframe Packaging
From specialty applications to technology-enabling solutions allowing for thinner, faster devices, we have everything you need to bridge the performance gap to your next-generation product.
Memory disk
Memory Disk
The world's largest manufacturer of electroless nickel chemistry for memory disk applications.
Molded Interconnect Devices
MID plating solutions specifically optimized to deliver precise selectivity, high yields, and ease-of-use for laser direct structured, catalytic ink, and double-shot molded interconnect devices.
Solar panel
Optimizing solar cells one chemical at a time.
Primary Metallization
Primary Metallization
Through continued innovation, we develop new solutions to meet the ever-changing electronics manufacturing landscape.
CS-T7-Process Chemistry
Process Chemistry
We provide innovative chemistries to aid in all aspects of printed circuit formation.
Selective dielectric plating
Selective Dielectric Plating
Printing and plating process utilizing proven technology that can satisfy the demand for high volume advanced circuitry.
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